1957 MG MGA 1500 Roadster Jacqueline from Michigan

Jacqueline bought a 1957 MG when she was in high school. She could not drive a manual transmission but a friend talked her into buying the car and she learned to drive it. It was not a smooth ride as the front springs were broken and her friend stuck a 2x4 where the spring was supposed to go, she can laugh about that now! Jacqueline went to college and freshman could not bring a car to school so she sold it.

About 15 years ago she decided to find a 1957 MG just like the one she had in high school. She looked all over Michigan for a black MG with black interior and could not find one. She finally located a red 1957 MG with black interior in Indiana and knew that was the car for her. She named the car Diana but told me when the car acts up she calls it Camilla! The MG had all the original parts, even the floor jack.

Jacqueline shared with me she recently had a series of strokes and is on oxygen. Because the MG has no back seat there is no room for her oxygen tank so she is unable to drive it. I could tell just speaking to her for a few minutes how important it is to her to drive her beloved MG again. Collector vehicles have always been a big part of her life. She told me about an Austin Healey her husband once owned and sold it when he was drafted to go to Vietnam. They also owned a Corvette that was sold when to help pay for private school for her children.

Jacqueline assured me on the first nice day of spring she will be well enough to take Diana out for a spin in the neighborhood and be that 16-year-old girl again!

Lori Jenkins