1968 Chevrolet C-10 James from Maryland

James bought this vehicle from the original owner in 1971. He bought it from a draft dodger for $900 (they were going for about $2400 at the time!) The original owner needed to sell it quickly because he was headed to Canada right away. He had been looking for a ’55 for about that same $900, but this was too good to pass up.

When he was going to pick it up with his fiancé – who is now his wife – Hurricane Fern was bearing down on the area and the streets were flooded almost to the doors. At that point, they decided an apt name for their new truck would be Fern.

Fern has quite the personality and has seen a lot of life. James said when the boys were growing up and the family was going out, he’d often talk to Fern. As she was backing up at a boat landing, he would act as if Fern was out of control. As the boys looked on he’d say to her, “No Fern! It’s not time for a swim today!” Fern would always stop in the nick of time.

Fern is so loved by the family that his youngest son just built a house and he built an extra bay in the garage just for when he gets Fern.

Talk about a family treasure!

John Norvell