1974 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 James "Rusty" from Georgia

In December of 1978 the Camaro was an early 16th birthday present for Rusty from his father. His father was terminally ill and feared he would not live to see his son’s birthday in January. Thankfully he did see his son enjoy his new ride for a few months before he passed away in 1979. Rusty drove the car throughout high school and soon learned the gas and insurance would be too great for a college student. He felt he could no longer afford to keep the vehicle and sold it. Over the years several people would tell him they had seen the vehicle nearby.

In 2005 a local dealer had spotted the car and mentioned it to Rusty. This of course had stirred up a lot of memories and talk about the car between Rusty, his wife, and their three sons.

Rusty's wife Dena knew how much the car had meant to him and with the help of their oldest son Cory, they set out to find the vehicle with so much sentimental value. It didn’t take long to track the car down in a neighboring county and arrangements were made for them to see the car without Rusty finding out. They were able to buy it just before the previous owner had made plans to sell it at a Chevy show in Commerce, GA.

The car was brought back home and with the help of family and friends it was shined up and made road ready. Family and friends gathered outside their home for a Father's Day celebration. Rusty was so surprised to see the car he had once owned come down the driveway, but when his 19 year old son Cory stepped out and tossed him the keys he was speechless. The love between a father and son and a classic car has certainly passed to another generation.