1953 Pontiac Chieftain James from Arkansas

James has no trouble talking about his wife, Lynda, or his 1953 Pontiac; especially not in that order.

James owned a 1953 Pontiac just like the one pictured when he was in college. It was the car that took him from TX to PA; the car he would propose to his wife, Lynda, in; the car that would take his family from PA to KY, and finally on to AR.

Sadly, Lynda was diagnosed with MS and fought for 35 years. In that time, they raised two boys and inadvertently showed the world what true love was. James and his sons cared for Lynda throughout her struggle. They took her to the ladies room, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair. They took care of her every need. James even put Lynda's make-up on her every day. He admits there were times when he resented the situation and struggled with the hardships. However, he also realized that that feeling was selfish. James says, "the opposite to love is not hate--it is selfishness". His love for Lynda kept him going. All of those around them comment on the amazing love they shared. Lynda passed away on 1-18-2012 and will be forever missed.

As a tribute to their love, one of James students, Jake, is making a film about their love story. More than sixty hours of film have been gathered along with 150 letters James and Lynda sent to each other when he was living in Dallas and she in PA. This past April, James got a 1953 Pontiac like the one he had in college and relived the journey his original Pontiac had taken him on including visiting the location where he proposed to Lynda and many other memorable spots.

James says in all of this he realizes that he and Lynda were different. Many give up in these types of struggles or lose love. This was simply not the case for them. Their love grew stronger and James let his love for Lynda carry him through the hard days. With his 1953 Pontiac, he has a little piece of the past to keep with him.

A trailer to the film and photos of James and Lynda can be found at Lovinglynda.com.

Brittany Lally