1977 Ford F-250 James from Kentucky

James - a long-time lover of trucks - jumped at the opportunity to purchase this 1977 Ford F-250 as a high school junior. One night long ago, James' friend Ruth, who shared a love for the truck, asked if she could borrow it. She was shocked when he handed over the keys. That night, she and her friend had a night on the town that she'll never forget.

So often as it happens, James and Ruth lost touch. Recently though, James walked into Ruth’s office to get insurance. They quickly reconnected, and she asked about the old Ford. To her amazement, he still had the truck, and it was just as she remembered! James took such good care of it over the last 30 years that it remained unchanged. The F-250 helped revive a long-lost friendship and prompted Ruth to insure it through Hagerty. We'll start taking bets on how long it'll be before she asks for the keys.

Submitted by Carrie, Auto Sales & Service

Hello my name is Carrie Kobylski, I live in the Traverse City area and I have always loved trucks growing up. I remember driving around in my grandfather’s 1979 F150 Freewheeling truck on his property when I was younger. Late model trucks always bring me back to my childhood years. My Favorite trucks I would say would be 1960’s-1970’s.