1976 Chevrolet Stingray Jerry from Georgia

Jerry bought a 1976 Corvette Stingray from his friend in 1977 and has owned it ever since – the two have been through a lot over the years.

In 2008 a shelf in his carport fell onto the car spilling acid all over the passenger side door and removing the paint. Jerry took the vehicle to a restoration shop for repairs.  While the Stingray was being refinished, Jerry had a shop built to store the car. Even though he had stored the car in the carport for many years up, Jerry learned his lesson with the accident.

One month after his shop was built and the car was back home, the shop caught fire.

Misfortune continued when the firemen arrived to put out the fire. The pump on their hose would not work so they had to call another county for back-up. In the meantime, Jerry grabbed his garden hose and put out the flames on the shop door. With the help of a couple of firefighters, Jerry pushed the Stingray out of the blazing building.  Unfortunately, the damage was already done. The paint had almost melted off the car from the heat and the engine & interior both had smoke damage.

Very discouraged, Jerry took his car back to the restoration shop where the engine had to be refurbished and rebuilt and the body had to undergo another round of paint.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Jerry was seriously injured when he fell through a roof while helping out at his church. The local hospital told his wife that he would not make it due to the extensive injuries he’d suffered. He was then air lifted to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where the trauma surgeon agreed that he would not make it and they should say their goodbyes.

Jerry told me that God had other plans for him. After 3 hard months in rehabilitation, Jerry beat the odds and made a full recovery.

On May 28th, 2015, Jerry took  the Stingray out for his first drive in many years.  The two tough veterans of tragedy were reunited at last.

Jessica Hagstrom

My name is Jessica Hagstrom. I have worked at Hagerty since January, 2014. I started in MPC and worked my way up to the sales floor where I have been since November, 2014. I enjoy swimming, kayaking and off-roading. I have a dog, Frank, and a cat, Ben, who are my “fur babies.”