1978 Pontiac Firebird Jesse from Georgia

On March 7, 1978, this black and gold Pontiac Firebird Formula was spotted by Mickey, a member of the Greatest Generation and a retiree from the U.S. Navy. It was love at first sight. The graphics package in gold was striking against the starlight black paint. The carmine red interior and 400-cubic-inch engine really set the vehicle apart from the other Firebirds and Trans Ams of the era. With his wife’s OK, Mickey purchased the vehicle and over the years he took meticulous care of the Firebird, even keeping a detailed log of all oil changes and maintenance, every wash and wax, and each gallon of gas. After 11 years, Mickey began to realize he was not able to care for the vehicle as he once had and made the decision to pass the vehicle along to his daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Jay. Linda and Jay enjoyed the vehicle, trying to maintain it as Mickey had, but in 1993 Jay purchased a Corvette Convertible and quickly ran out of garage space. He tried to give the Firebird back to Mickey, but Mickey refused, telling Jay it was his vehicle now. In 1994, Jay put the Firebird up for sale and it quickly sold. Over the years that followed, Mickey and Jay had countless conversations about the Firebird, and Jay made up his mind that if he could ever purchase the vehicle back, he would. Sadly, in 2012, Jay lost Linda to a sudden heart attack. It was around that time that Jay began his search for the Firebird again. With luck, Jay was able to track down the current owner, who had preserved the vehicle in pristine original condition. It took some time to convince the owner to sell the vehicle, but in the wake of losing Linda, Jay was able to purchase back the Firebird. Though he is not able to bring Linda back, Jay was able to bring the Firebird home to Linda’s father, Mickey, after almost 20 years.

Submitted by Stephanie, Auto Sales & Service

Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I will always be a Yooper at heart. I have a passion for trucks, and my dream classic would be a Bronco from the 1970s. One of my favorite activities is getting in the car and going for a long road trip. I have many great memories from these adventures.