2008 Harley Davidson Jim from Utah

Jim’s son Cody has a love for motorcycles, and joined the military after high school to be an Army Medic. In the military Cody was known as the “Candy Doctor” always helping and giving candy to children in the area. Cody always asked his family to send him candy for his few packages he was able to receive a year.

At age 21, Cody died while treating a soldier injured in an explosion when a secondary improvised explosive device was detonated. Knowing that he died giving medical assistance makes his father very proud.

Jim said his son wanted to serve in the military in wartime because he believed he could use his skills as a certified EMT and volunteer firefighter to save lives. Jim says in a touching article about Cody’s life "I'm really proud of that. It comforts me to know he went for a noble cause," In one of the last conversation they had together Cody said to his father 'You know, Dad, if I go out in a blaze of glory, don't worry. If I can save somebody doing it, all the better.'

Jim found a way to let Cody’s legacy live on in the art of the 2008 Memorial Harley Davidson. The Memorial Bike is completely armed of all Cody’s items from his time in the military, down to each detail of the bike including all his medals. Jim enjoys taking the bike to historical events, shows, and motorcycle meets to display in Cody’s honor. I am inspired by this story, and how Jim channels his loss and despair into a hobby of the “Memorial Bike” to keep a part of his son alive forever.

Jenna Simpson