1977 Chevrolet Corvette Station Wagon Jim from Michigan

Back when Jim was 18, he spotted a car that fascinated him — a 1977 Corvette station wagon. That’s right: a Corvette with a station wagon top. The dream of having that car in his garage stuck with Jim for the next 36 years. And then one day, while paging through some car classifieds, he found a Corvette wagon for sale, and Jim’s dream finally became a reality. He wanted it so badly that he bought the car sight unseen. It hadn’t been driven in years, and still wore a thick layer of garage dust to prove it. Once the car had been cleaned and polished, an ecstatic Jim drove it to the nearby Hagerty office to show off his new toy. He was grinning from ear to ear to have finally purchased his childhood dream car.

Submitted by Michelle, Auto Sales & Service