1965 Jaguar E-Type Series One Joan from Pennsylvania

Joan has owned this Jaguar since the late 1960s, purchasing it from the original owner who brought it over from England.

Joan's lived a very full life, owning five classic cars, three motorcycles, three sailboats, and even an airplane at one point. Unfortunately, she broke her neck and back, eventually forcing her to sell all of her toys — except her 1965 Jaguar. Life was tough enough with endless rehabilitation centers, and then Joan then ended up breaking her back again in 1983. Soon after, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Although family and friends urged her to sell the Jaguar, she refused. In Joan’s words, “I just love that car. It gave me motivation to keep moving forward so that I could one day drive it again.” Her British mechanic John has protected and maintained the car while Joan has been recovering these past 10 years. While the doctors said she’d never walk again, Joan is now walking, and even playing some of her favorite sports including tennis and skiing. She is thrilled to take out her Jaguar.

Submitted by Brian, Auto Sales & Service

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