1912 Ford Delivery Car John from Illinois

John bought this 1912 Ford Delivery Car from someone knowing it had an original motor in it, however he wanted to discover more. He ended up digging deeper into the history of the car. He went around and talked to the original family owners and descendants and found out how the car passed from generation to generation.

John tracked the car back to William Pemberton of Fall River, MA, who used it in his pork pie selling business to deliver them to customers. The car was then passed to his son William Goddard when he took over the family pork pie business. After he passed away the car was sold to John Egan who used it for his Laundry business, and who partially restored the car in 1948 to use it as a promotional vehicle. The next owner, Charles Serbst, purchased it in the 60’s, but due to an accident, he was unable to provide many details. He then gave the car to his son, Peter, who took it apart to restore it and repainted the body maroon, but left the insides white. Like many such projects interest was lost and progress stalled until John purchased the car and work began anew.

The body is the really special part of the car as the rest of the chassis is the same as every other 1912 Ford Model T. It was made by the O.J. Beaudette Company of Pontiac Michigan and is a later “Knock Down” type. It was shipped from Dearborn to the dealer for assembly and is 100% complete! John even managed to secure the original blueprints from the Ford archives verifying this!

Nathan Hale