1957 Runabout Stainless Steel Tug Boat John from Maryland

John is no stranger to boats, having his 1958 Chris Craft wooden boat insured fourteen years ago. As an avid restorer, he has many other finished projects under his belt. His last project may be his favorite: a 1957 Custom Stainless Steel Runabout Tug Boat.

A friend of a friend told John about the boat and said he had to go and at least take a look. Seeing the extremely deteriorated condition, he was concerned it was going to be scrapped. John thought this is a one of a kind hand-made boat from 1957 and that cannot not happen. John bought the boat and took it home.

With his background of being a project manager, John developed his plan and got to work. The stainless steel bottom he knew he could repair; figured he could replace the rotted plywood and completely re-do the interior.

A lot of work went into the little tug boat, all the while also ‘tugging’ on John’s heartstrings. He spent hours repairing the stainless steel. John completely replaced the cabin materials, the interior was re-done, the mahogany trim, the cushions, and fabricated custom hinges. Every inch of the little tug boat was brought back to life.

John paired his little tug boat with another of his projects – a 1946 Chevy Panel truck. The pair is a head turner. He loves taking them to car shows mainly because he enjoys having other people enjoy the vehicles and share the history and their memories. John said his biggest enjoyment though, besides the comradery of the network of people that help each other, is seeing the unrestored project, developing a plan, and then experience the development of the plan played out to the end.

Jan Ascione