1967 Ford M151A1 Jon from Pennsylvania

Jon is the commanding officer for the Dogs of War Vietnam group and actively participates in their events. He had picked up this jeep as a memento to add to their collection, only to find out later that this was actually the command vehicle used by General Patton’s son during the Vietnam War. Because of the fact that this vehicle played such a pivotal role for one of the commanders in the war, to honor that memory, Jon has kept the vehicle in the same condition that he got it in when it came home. Keeping the vehicle in the same condition is his tribute to the people who used it and relied on it not only for transportation, but also for their survival. Jon works in the auto repair industry, working on vehicles to repair them for insurance claims, but previously worked in the auto industry with films. He worked on the cars for the movie “Back to the Future”, as well as worked on the vehicle that was used as evidence in the Boston Strangler case.

Jon is an active member of the Dogs of War Vietnam group who brings their collection of war vehicles that saw action in Vietnam, both our military vehicles and captured vehicles from the other side. They regularly bring the collection out to shows and events to raise awareness of the vehicles we used in engagements and the stories that travel with them.

Matt Case