1946 Chevrolet Model CL 1/2 Ton Pickup Jon from Michigan

My wife Cindy has loved trucks since she was 16 and drove a ‘63 Dodge with a “three on the tree.” I found this 1946 Chevy in an airport hangar in February 2013, and decided to buy it and hide both the truck and the restoration from Cindy until her birthday in October 2013.

After the restoration, I managed to get the pickup into a local invitation-only car show, and when I brought Cindy, I asked her what she thought of “that one.”  She said that it was her favorite and then exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, the owner has the same name as me!”  She then noticed the note that said Happy Birthday. She turned to me and asked if that was hers.

She was thrilled! It was the best surprise I have ever pulled off.

Submitted by Marni, Client Account Processing

I was born and raised in New York, and I moved to Michigan two years ago on March 5 for love. I began working at Hagerty just one month ago from today, and previously worked at Macy’s. Second to my decision to move to Michigan, working at Hagerty has been the best decision of my whole life. I’ve always admired classics, and have begun to attend car shows since moving to Michigan. Working at Hagerty has taught me so much about cars, and it has been only a month! I hope to own a 1950s Cadillac one day, then have it painted purple.