1973 Volkswagen Thing Jorge from Texas

Jorge was born in Acapulco, Mexico. Growing up in a tourist town and by the beach was not a bad way to grow up according to Jorge. He stated that VW’s ruled the roads in the 70’s in Mexico, but in Acapulco was ruled specifically by the VW Thing (A.K.A. VW Safari). Fast forward a few years and Jorge finds himself with his wonderful family. His wife of almost 18 years, Alisa, and his 2 daughters, Sophia and Maya. He had been looking for a VW Thing for a while and specifically wanted one that was not too expensive and beyond repair. His idea was to get a VW Thing so that he could share all of his memories from Acapulco with his family. Jorge was able to finally find one in Tyler, TX about 3 years ago. After talking to his wife, he drove down to see it and bought it. He stated that one of the immediate problems that the VW Thing had was with the muffler. He said that when it was running it sounded VERY loud and while riding in it one day his daughter Maya said ”Dad this car sounds like its burping”, the family all laughed together at the comment and then Maya proceeded to say “Can we name him Burpie?” And from that moment on, the VW Thing has been known as Burpie.

They take Burpie to as many car shows as they can. He said that they definitely don’t go to the shows for the awards but instead, they go to have fun as a family because Burpie has become part of their family.

Jess Ankney