1964 Ford F-250 Joseph from New York

Joseph Mancuso was just 16 when he took ownership of this ’64 Ford pickup, which was his second vehicle. He called the pickup his for four years and then sold it to his high school teacher, who just recently sold it back to him. The best memory of this truck occurred when Joseph was a little boy visiting the local firehouse: The ’64 Ford was owned at that time by the local fire chief and Joseph vowed (out loud!) that he would one day buy it from him. That made all the firemen at the station roar with laughter because there was NO WAY the fire chief would ever sell his prized Ford.  As things turn out, he did — to Mr. Joseph Mancuso.

Submitted by Susan, Auto Sales & Service

I love talking with our clients about their cars and what they mean to them. My dream car would be either a ’63 Corvette split-window coupe or an old pickup truck.