1948 Harley-Davidson EL Josh from Wisconsin

Josh’s grandpa’s Harley was purchased in 1952, the day after his son was born. He rode it all the time around his small town, and everyone still remembers him riding the Harley. That is until ’63 when the motor seized, and the Harley sat in a barn for years. In 1996 Josh’s grandfather passed away. A year later lightning struck the barn where the Harley was kept, and the entire barn was burned — including the Harley. A few years ago Josh decided to get the bike and restore it to its former glory in honor of his grandpa. He even documented the restoration on a blog: www.grandpasharley.com.

Before allowing his grandpa’s Harley to be nominated Josh wanted to take the bike to his family reunion where his grandma and father were going to be able to see the bike for the first time in years. He even brought the Harley to see the fireman who recovered the bike from the fire. He could go on and on about the stories of this bike. It has had great impact on him, his family and the small town where he is from.

Submitted by Stephanie, Auto Sales & Service

Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I will always be a Yooper at heart. I have a passion for trucks, and my dream classic would be a Bronco from the 1970s. One of my favorite activities is just getting in the car and going for a long road trip. I have many great memories from these adventures.