1970 Ford F-100 Julie from Florida

Julie bought this truck from an older gentlemen named Bob who restores classic trucks and collects. This truck was sitting in his yard and caught the eye of a lot of people including Julie. She saw it one night and put a note on the truck not to sell it.

The truck is worth a lot more than what Julie paid for it. Many other people were willing to pay Bob more for the truck than what she could afford but he wanted her to have it. It wasn't about the money for Bob, even though he was not well off himself. Bob held the truck for Julie while she saved up money to buy it.

Julie and Bob became good friends. He comes over and checks on the truck when she hasn't had time to take it out. He does maintenance on it for her, and sometimes they just hang out and chat, even if it is not about the truck. Bob is like a grandfather to Julie, he is a really amazing guy and his kindness is hard to come by.