1969 International  Scout 800A Julie & Lynn from Idaho

Julie and her father discovered the '69 International Scout in 1999 while on a road trip to Nebraska. The Scout was "out to pasture" when Julie's dad negotiated the sale with the owner. The father-daughter restoration team made arrangements to have it trailered back to their home state of Idaho. Together, Julie and her dad updated all of the mechanics, but before they were able to complete the project, he sadly passed away.

Fast forward to 2010, when Julie met her future husband, Lynn. Like her dad, Lynn's a car nut, and has a couple collectors of his own. Just as soon as he found out about the lost Scout, he was on a mission to track it down.

He had a couple of clues to work with - the VIN and the name of the buyer. Lynn discovered that the Scout had again changed hands, but was able to track down its next owner. Once again, the Scout was found sitting in a field. Feeling discouraged about its condition, Lynn went home to talk with Julie about what they should do. 

They decided to go chat with the owner, and were relieved and surprised to find that the dilapidated Scout was just a parts vehicle for Julie's old one. The other was living in a garage out back, which was built specifically to house it while under restoration.

They didn't think twice about buying the Scout back from the farmer. And together, they finished the restoration that Julie and her late father started over a decade ago.



My name is Ashleigh and I have been in ASST since February 2014.