1965 Oldsmobile 442 Kathy from Arizona

Dave was bit by the muscle car bug at the age of twenty when he bought a used 1965 Oldsmobile 442. Like many guys in the early 70’s he drove his car hard, enjoying it for all the performance it could provide. Unfortunately he had perhaps little too much fun and totaled it in an accident. After a few years he could not forget the fun he had with the car and started looking for another Oldsmobile. He found a car similar to his old one and quickly purchased it. When registering it he was surprised to find it was actually his 442 from years past, and it had been rebuilt. Thankful for the second chance with his car he drove it more carefully this time around. Eventually Dave married and had a family. His wife encouraged him to get something more practical for a family man and he sold the 442. While the car was gone, he never forgot it.

Dave’s children eventually grew up and moved out, and well, so did his wife. Now divorced and truly an empty nester Dave’s thoughts turned to his glory days behind the wheel of his 442. About this same time Dave met Kathy and the two married. Kathy soon developed her own love for the hobby as the two searched together to find Dave another 1965 Oldsmobile 442. In 2010 the couple found a numbers matching example. They bought the car and quickly began restoring it. Sadly, Dave became ill and died in 2014. Kathy decided to gather Dave’s “crew” to finish the restoration work of his beloved 442. The car was completed in late 2015 and she took the car to its first show in St. John’s Arizona where it won 1st place in its class! Kathy swore she could feel Dave in spirit beaming over the car’s success. Soon after it took 2nd place overall at the show in Loughlin Arizona. Kathy now just gets the car out occasionally for a spin, or maybe just to sit inside and recall Dave telling the tales when ran the streets as a young man in a car very much like the one they restored. Dave’s love for muscle cars has grown strong in Kathy and now she is search of a 1969 Ford Mustang, the same year she graduated from high school. She hopes to restore this car and park it next to Dave’s car.

Reggie Horning