1962 Chevrolet Corvette Ken from Massachusetts

Ken’s story started when his good friend took him for a ride in his brand new ’62 Roman Red on Red Vette. His friend smoked the tires all the way through first gear on the way off the lot!

Many years later, Ken would find his own Roman Red ’62 Vette. After sitting in his neighbor’s driveway for a year, partially covered by a tarp and with the hood off, Ken finally spoke with his neighbor and learned the Corvette was for sale for $800. Luck was on his side and he was able to save up enough money to buy it. At that time, Ken was married and had a good job, but smoked 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day. Ken went into a smoking cessation program and after five long weeks was finally able to quit! Ken put all of the money he would have spent on cigarettes away for the restoration. He was able to restore the entire Corvette on cigarette money. “Well worth my health!” Ken says.

Sam Power