1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe Ken from South Dakota

Ken called to add a 1966 Olds Toronado to his policy. When asked how he came about owning this particular vehicle, Ken explained that it is the same year, make and model of the car that his godfather had driven when he was younger. Ken has great memories of the car because he had such a great relationship with his godfather. He was more of a father figure, really. For forty years, the two men would take the car out every week to get lunch together.

Years ago, Ken's godfather sold the Toronado and always regretted it. Ken spent years searching for a ‘66 Toronado and finally found this one. The only difference is the color. Ken’s Toronado is red, which is fine by him, as he was never a fan of the eggplant purple paint color that adorned his godfather's classic. Ken’s godfather passed away a few years ago before Ken found this vehicle and Ken never had a chance to take him to lunch in the car. Ken knows that his godfather is looking down from above whenever he takes the Toronado out for drives.

Nominated by Jason in Sales & Service