1970 Ford Mustang Mach I Alan and Kodi from Montana

Alan is a car guy. He owned a '51 Chevy Pickup that he had to sell due to a change in priorities, but he always wanted to get another classic. In the meantime, Alan instilled his love for classics in his son Kodi, who was named after Kodiak Island in Alaska where he was born.

About two years ago, Alan and Kodi were out skiing when they noticed a lump on Kodi’s neck. They were shocked when they found out Kodi was in the early stages of Lymphoma. He later had surgery to get a mass the size of a softball removed from his chest. Kodi was at the end of his junior year in high school. Lymphoma is an extremely aggressive disease which, left untreated, causes cancer throughout the lymph nodes in the body. Once developed, the cancer may spread to new areas as well. Fortunately, the Jones caught the signs early and sought treatment. Kodi started chemotherapy on his 17th Birthday.

Kodi has been involved in countless volunteer activities and a great advocate for his community. After he started chemotherapy, Kodi noticed the lack of resources for young people with cancer and decided that, once he started to feel a bit better, he'd get to work on doing something about it. He led a team in raising a record breaking $9,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He helped organize a bone marrow donor drive which signed up around 150 new donors. He dedicated time to collect over 60 DVDs and 750 snack items for the Ronald McDonald family room at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and he donated over 50 children’s books to Ozarks Literacy council as well as 3 dozen super hero and princess costumes to Discovery Arts (a non-profit organization that brings the healing power of the arts to children with serious illnesses while in the hospital).

Kodi currently volunteers with the Discovery Arts program at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Ozarks Literacy Council events, and Champion Athletes which work with individuals with disabilities. He was one of forty students nationwide to receive a "Beyond the Cure" scholarship from the National Children's Cancer Society (NCCS) and was also chosen to be the Honor Hero for LLS Team in Training program in which people participate in sporting events to raise money for LLS.

It has been a long two years for Kodi and his family; however, in the early stages of his misfortune, the "Make a Wish" foundation granted him a wish. After having a conversation with his dad to see what his interests were, surprise, surprise, this 17 year-old had a healthy focus on cars and girls. So, Kodi decided that his wish was to restore a classic car. The excitement was contagious as Alan described Kodi's enthusiasm while flipping through car magazines to see what kind he wanted: What color? What year? What should we do with it? Resto mod? All original? Muscle car? Tuner? Truck??? The possibilities were endless!

After much consideration, Kodi decided on a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 resto-mod, but he wanted to keep it as original as possible with some mild upgrades like disc brakes. One of the parameters with the "Make A Wish" foundation is that they couldn't actually buy the car, but they could restore it. Kodi and Alan searched high and low for the perfect car, and when they found it, they brought it home and the "Make A Wish" foundation got to work.

This vehicle is being restored largely by donation and volunteer work. Alan stressed that this car just needs to be “a driver” and “nothing fancy.” The volunteers weren’t having it. This is going to be a show-stopping Mustang!

The majority of the work for the restoration has been done by a couple in their own garage, who were touched by the story. The engine is being built by a renowned “engine guy” in the area and the transmission by another. The support has been overwhelming. The whole community has gotten together to make this wish come true and to make it extra special for Kodi who deserves every bit of it.

There will be an unveiling in a few months when the car is done.

He has no idea what he is in store for!

Nominated by Kevin in Sales & Service

My name is Kevin Creason. I grew up in a town much like Traverse City called Grand Haven (just west of Grand Rapids on the beach). I grew up with a lot of respect for the classic car hobby taught to me from my Dad who has had a 1967 Camaro since 71 which he bought from his neighbor for next to nothing. It is an all original survivor in 3+ condition. I learned how to drive in this car when I was 8 years old while sitting on my dad’s lap. Coolest kid on the block, right? It was my experience in the hobby with my dad that made this story hit home for me. I have been with the company for just over 2 years now as an LSA and love it! I have lived in Traverse for 5 ½ years now and just bought a house just out of town to start setting some roots.