1941 Ford Hotrod Larry from California

Larry and Lynette originally found this vehicle at the Pamona CA swap meet and purchased it in 1992. It was the vehicle of their dreams! A gorgeous yellow paint job with red flames!
A year and a half later, they took it to a show in Ontario CA where, in the middle of the night, someone broke into their pickup truck and stole their truck, trailer and hotrod. A couple of weeks later, their truck and trailer were recovered, but not their hotrod. Meanwhile, the thieves were stripping and selling parts and painting over the body with white house paint to disguise it. They had removed the hood when painting however and when they replaced it, it still showed the original yellow with red flames paint.

Fast forward to July of 1996, after discovering the vehicle for sale as a shell at THE SAME Pamona swap meet they originally purchased this vehicle from and going through an exhaustive recovery process with the police, Larry and Lynette had their hotrod back. The trouble was, that is was destroyed. Lynette even remembers her grandson looking at it and asking where the “eyes” where because they had even sold off the headlights and trim. Also by this time they had purchased a new hotrod but Ron, a member of the LA roadsters and the 40 Ford club, heard of their story and contacted them to purchase the vehicle. He had known the original builders, a Pamona painter named Boyce and a body work guy named Birdman, and he wanted to do the vehicle the honor of restoring it. His finished resto was featured in a magazine article he then sent back to Larry and Lynette. But, as the years past, the two families lost touch.

Fast forward again to a month ago, when they were contacted by Ron’s widow, trying to get some information about the car she thought they may be able to help with. During the conversation Larry learns that it is her intention to sell the hotrod and he drove to Oklahoma to buy and bring his baby back home! Larry and Lynette are very happy to have this insured now by Hagerty and I have a feeling they will own this one forever!

Marcy Potter