1968 Ford Mustang Larry from Utah

It’s a true labor of love when the ownership of a vehicle has spanned almost the same amount of years as the marriage that brought on the purchase. This is most definitely true for Larry and Shu Ree and their 1968 Ford Mustang. After serving in Korea in the military Larry was stationed in Utah where he met his wife Shu Ree. After a year of marriage they decided to trade in both of their vehicles and purchase their 1968 Ford Mustang which then traveled with them to wherever they were stationed from Utah all the way to Turkey and Japan. All together the vehicle as traveled 518,777 nautical miles and been shipped overseas twice. The Mustang was a daily driver for twenty years until the Kerr’s decided to restore the vehicle to be used for car shows and special trips. One recent trip was to take 100 American flags, as well as letters, pictures and other mementos to place at the Vietnam Wall.

Marilyn Berry