1964 Ford Mustang Larry from Oklahoma

Larry purchased this vehicle in 1969 when he was just a senior in high school. Around 1979-80 he started to take the vehicle to shows and was very active on the show circuit until about 1998. Larry has taken the Mustang to 65 shows or more and has a well-documented history of his awards with the classic. Throughout his life, he's been very active in the hobby and was once a judge for the Mustang Club of America. He stopped judging as he wasn’t enjoying the shows as much anymore. Nowawdays, he still enjoys taking the Mustang to shows, winning awards and taking his grandkids for rides. He has an 8-year old granddaughter and two grandsons, one who is 15 and one who is 26-years old.

Nominated by Scotty in the Hagerty Service Center

I have been at Hagerty for 3 years now. My favorite car is a Tucker. I was once asked what kind of car fits my personality in a job interview and the car that best describes me is a '50s Ford hardtop convertible - you know, fun and sporty at times and classy and sophisticated at others. If I’m not at work, I love time in the kitchen cooking or being outside with my nephew, you may also find me camping in the summer. I love working here, because I have not only made amazing friends, but have an environment that allows for growth and we all function well as a team.