1955 Chevrolet Series 3100 Pickup Larry from California

Larry was browsing the web when he ran across a 1955 Chevy Pickup. His daughter happened to see his search on the screen and when she asked what he was doing he said, “just looking.” He really liked the truck a lot, but it was out of his price range. Larry called the woman who was selling the truck and found out it belonged to her husband, who had since passed away. She was older and ill herself, so she thought it best to sell it. Larry went to look at the truck and met the seller's son, who was in charge of the sale. It was love at second sight. Larry tried to negotiate a price, but couldn’t get it down to a level he felt comfortable with. He continued to call and check on the truck to see if it was still available but couldn’t get in touch with the seller and became very frustrated. In the meantime, his daughter, Ashley, told her husband Nathan and sister Tamra about the truck. They took the initiative to get in touch with the seller, who kept telling Nathan, “Larry keeps calling me and I keep avoiding his call. I think he’s mad at me.” Nathan said “just tell him the truck has been sold.” The seller said “I can’t lie to him so I'll just keep avoiding him.”

The day came when he was to go to his daughter Ashley’s home for her birthday party. The whole family was there to celebrate when she told her dad that they wanted to show him something. They took him to the garage and started to open the door. He saw the front fender and knew right away it was the truck he had wanted! He cried tears of happiness. He couldn’t believe his kids had done something so speacial for him. His two daughters and son-in-law bought the vehicle from the seller and told him to keep it a secret. They wanted to give Larry a really special gift to thank him for being an amazing dad. Larry, Ashley, and Tamra have an amazing relationship and speak on the phone daily. They call their dad every morning before they go to work just to say "hi." The love that Larry has for his daughters is something really special and his daughters truly appreciate everything he does for them. They wanted to show their appreciation and knew this was just the way to do it.

Nominated by Chrissy in Hagerty Service Center

I have been with Hagerty for 4 great years! I truly love seeing all of the collectors and hearing the stories that go along with them. I am a huge fan of 1970 Chevelle SS and 1950’s pickup trucks. I was raised right here in Traverse City and love calling this place my home! My favorite thing to do is be outside where I can hike, run, garden and play with my puppies!