1967 Chevrolet Camaro Laura from Kansas

Laura said her family has owned the car since 1972 or 73. Her father carted it all over the country but eventually it needed restoration. He used to tell her "you could buy the car for $1, unless I get it painted, then it's $1.50". She got the keys and title when her father passed, but didn’t know where the car was and began searching. She looked through the documents of his life to try and find the location of the vehicle. Finally a woman from a storage facility contacted her after the funeral. The woman informed her that her father had a storage unit at her facility but did not know what was in it. Fortunately for Laura they found the car there.

Around 2012 it was finally brought home and they got the restoration started. After it was painted the shop decided they were moving into collision work and no longer doing restorations. Laura ended up carrying out all the parts and pieces to a friend’s home for storage until she could find another restoration shop. Thankfully it’s now at a new shop and she hopes to drive it this summer. She even still has the original set of keys to start it for that first summer drive!

Kyle Smith