2009 Riley MK XII Lee from Indiana

As an engineer, Lee appreciates the Riley for its technology, handling and aerodynamics. He’s the second owner of the car, which was built for private sales rather than professional racing, and has been kept in private hands, and so not subjected to the wear and tear of typical modern race cars.

Lee raced his Trans Am ’98 Mustang for a while but wanted to move up into a proper race car. The Riley MK XII has a tubular steel chassis, composite body and 500bhp-600bhp V-8 engine.

Interestingly, Lee considered a competitor for coverage based on price, but Andrea Inman in PCS worked with him and his loyalty as a 9-year client with us prevailed.

Lee’s is the first car delivered in the series. It is in pristine condition, fully sorted and ready to race. We're happy to have him.

Submitted by Matt, Underwriting

Matt Slaggert Native of Michigan 13th year at Hagerty Favorite American racer; 1958 Scarab Favorite European racer; 1989 Porsche 962 Favorite track to visit; Road America Favorite sport; Hockey Favorite movie SUV; Jeep Grand Wagoneer from The Great Outdoors Most memorable show experience; Hershey swap meet in the rain. The old gent with the beard, jean overalls, cardboard sign hanging from his neck advertising his search for some obscure Studebaker part.