1963 Jaguar E-Type SI Lois from Nevada

Lois and her Jaguar’s story began over a couple of decades ago. A few months before she bought her vehicle she had been visiting her dentist for an appointment. They are both into the hobby and were talking cars; Lois has always been a Jaguar lover. Later that evening, she had a dream about finding an old Jaguar behind a chain link fence. She desperately struggled to remove a fallen tree branch from the car. The next morning, Lois could still remember the dream vividly but didn't think much of it after that. That dream eventually came full circle.

A month after her initial dentist appointment, Lois went back to have some more work done. Her dentist told her that he had found an old '63 Jaguar for sale at a storage yard. Lois decided to go down to the yard to check it out, and there it was: the exact car from her dream, sitting there behind a chain link fence. Lois didn't have 2 nickels to rub together at the time, but she knew had to have the car because it was her car. She paid only $2.5K for it, which was a small chunk of change in the grand scheme of things. It took eighteen years for Lois to restore it, and what makes her journey so special is that she did all of the restoration herself. Lois loves sharing her story to anyone and everyone who will listen. “I just can't shut up about it," she told me. Her passion for her vehicle is absolutely contagious and her story is remarkable.

Emily Gretel