1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Loretta from North Carolina

Loretta and David, a US Airman, live in Loretta’s childhood family farmhouse in Rural North Carolina. They were so blessed to have one child, a beautiful baby girl. Being an only child, they knew they would spoil her where they could. When their daughter was a senior in high school, they bought her a 1986 Camaro. She enjoyed this car for years until she married her husband and decided to sell the vehicle. She then sold the vehicle back to her father. David also enjoyed the car for years, until he sold it to buy this 1986 Camaro Z28.
This vehicle became a passion for David. He spent over ten years pouring time and love into this vehicle that became an icon in their family. However, tragedy struck. He fell ill and is now unable to walk and is now cared for by his wife.
Loretta sold all of the other vehicles on the property (except, of course, the Z28) to purchase a conversion van to go to the store and transport her husband when needed. Selling the truck her husband enjoyed bringing parts home for the Camaro or completing home repairs as well as the camper they used to go on trips together was especially difficult. Letting go of these relics representing a life gone by to support the love of her life was a small price to pay. Even through all of this, she was still unable to afford the van. However, the local VA chapter helped to raise enough money to offset the cost. She was overwhelmed by their support and generosity.
She is finishing the restoration on the vehicle to make her husband’s dream of taking their daughter on a drive come true. It will take some doing, but the event will take place soon and hopefully some part of him is able to enjoy this ride as a family.

Alex Tucker