1957 GMC Ambulance Louis from California

Louis is the nicest person you will ever speak with! He collects ambulances and has a very interesting history with them and works as a Paramedic to this day! He wrote a best-selling biography book, Sound of Mercy, that features this vehicle in the story. The book is about his life and how he started his fascination with ambulances. When he was a young boy he saw an accident and remembers the ambulance that came, how they helped the people, and how later firetrucks also came to the scene; his story unfolds from there. Recently, he was on a call, looked out the back window and this first ambulance he wrote about was in the backyard. He couldn’t believe it! He brought the book over to the owner and told him the story, read him some passages from the book where he described the ambulance from memory. The owner decided to offer him the vehicle for sale, then he bought the ambulance and called Hagerty to insure it. He has 6 vehicles insured with Hagerty, and takes them to shows. He has a Mustang, several ambulances and a firetruck. He has lots of great stories about his life and history including his collectors. I am sure he will restore the vehicle, this is the condition it was found in. He has done some great restorations on his other ambulances.

Danielle Smith