1951 Ford F-1½ Ton Louis from Tennessee

Matt, a current Hagerty client, called recently to get a quote for Louis’ 1951 Ford pickup. Matt and his wife met Louis at the local Cracker Barrel, and now they eat breakfast together every Sunday. Louis has become a huge part of their family. He is a selfless individual who has dedicated much of his life to giving back to the community. Louis builds single-family homes for people in need on his 100-acre property.

Because of Louis' philanthropy, Matt wanted to do something special for him in the form of a particular 1951 Ford pickup. Louis bought the truck from his dad in 1960 but later sold it for $150. After his dad passed away in 1971, he bought it back for that same amount, and it sat in a barn for 40 years. Matt decided to restore the vehicle as a 'thank you' to Louis, and took the vehicle out of the barn without Louis knowing. It took over 90 days to restore the vehicle.

Matt and his family invited Louis over to celebrate Matt's birthday. Matt's wife said she had a surprise for Matt in the garage. They walked outside and told Louis that the surprise was actually for him. When Matt opened the garage to reveal the truck, Louis asked, "Is that my daddy's truck?" He was overwhelmed to see the truck in a beautifully restored condition, and wanted to get the proper coverage for it straight away.

Submitted by Stephanie, Auto Sales & Service

Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I will always be a Yooper at heart. I have a passion for trucks, and my dream classic would be a Bronco from the 1970s. One of my favorite activities is just getting in the car and going for a long road trip. I have many great memories from these adventures.