1968 Oldsmobile 98 4dr Hardtop Lowell from California

Lowell has owned his 1968 Oldsmobile 98 since it was new. He bought the car for his wife because he worried about her driving back and forth from Modesto California to Stockton California for work every day. As Lowell put it “my wife was only 5’3” and 100 pounds and most of that weight was in her right foot!” Because she was a bit of a lead foot averaging 70 mph on the highway for her commute, he decided to trade in her “little” Plymouth for something that would put some more metal around his wife and have some room for a family as they were newlyweds. So he took her 1955 Plymouth Fury down to the Oldsmobile Dealership in Modesto in November of 1967 and traded it in on the 1968 Oldsmobile 98 that sat on the showroom floor.

The couple truly loved the car and it was meticulously taken care of. It has all original interior, and it has never been smoked in. Mind you Lowell enjoys a good cigar from time to time but dared never smoke in his wife’s car. He remembers once shortly after they bought the car he reached in to use the cars cigarette lighter to light his cigar as he was waxing the car. His wife came out of the house and caught him and instead of the cigar getting lit up, Lowell explained he was the one who “got lit up”. His wife then took the lighter element and the ashtray out of the car and took it in the house!

The car remains in all original condition right down to the factory keys that came with the car and even the trunk carpet and mat are in the same condition as when delivered November of 1967. Lowell explains he may have loved the car a little too much, because he waxed the paint so much over the years, he wore right down to the primer. So the only restoration to car was the paint which was done about 10 years ago in the original color.

Lowell’s wife passed away 5 years ago and she made Lowell promise not to sell the car and keep it as a memory of her. Lowell is 91 years young and sharp as tack still.

Reggie Horning