1963 Porsche 356B T6 Malcolm from California

Malcolm said, "here I was a guy in my early 30s deciding I needed to buy a sports car. I was driving a 1949 Pontiac then in 1963, and my wife had a Ford Falcon station wagon, the family car. I was living in Sacramento and went looking for a sports car. We had 2 car dealerships in town, Triumph/Porsche and Austin Healy, but I didn't want to buy British. So I placed an order for a new Karmann Ghia because I only had $3000.00."

The sales manager Bob called that afternoon and said “would you be interested in a new Porsche instead of the VW?” Malcolm said no, because he didn't have any more money. Bob called Malcolm again the next day to ask if he was sure about not wanting the Porsche. Having second thoughts, Malcolm called his friend who owned a Porsche to come over and take him for a spin. He liked it more than he thought he would. Malcolm called Bob back to say he was interested in the Porsche. The dealership was trying to unload its inventory to make room for the new Porsches, so Bob promised Malcolm he could make him a good deal. Bob asked Malcolm if he could come up with $500 more for a total of $3500. Malcolm called his dad to see if he could borrow the extra cash, and his dad agreed. Malcom told Bob that he needed to roll the cost of the tax and license into the total. Bob said ok, but that he had to take out the radio for that price. The dealership had six Porsches available, so Malcolm sent his wife down to pick out the color she liked best - red. Judith never drove the car because it's a manual transmission. So Malcolm drove the car without the radio for six months and was also able to pay his dad back the $500 he owed. He bought a radio in the first year for the car for $100.

In the mid-80s, there was an issue with the engine that resulted in some damage while Malcolm was driving it. The question was whether to repair or replace the engine. Malcolm decided to repair it. The Porsche was his daily driver up to about 15 years ago. Since then he has painted it twice, refurbished the interior, installed new seats along with a new odometer. He believed it had around 350K on the original odometer before he replaced it. He has owned the car for 52 years and is still happy he made the choice of the Porsche over the Karmann Ghia!

Nominated by Michelle in Sales & Service

I have worked at Hagerty for 7 years and love old cars and trucks and tractors. I had a Camaro that we sold for a 1969 Chevy pickup we are restoring. We also have 2 tractors we are looking to get restored as well. One is a 1955 Farmall 100 and the other a 1966 Ford 3000 diesel.