1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Marcia from Florida

Marcia met her late husband Jay while driving in her 1987 Porsche in Los Angeles. Jay was driving his Mercedes and they kept passing each other. They would come to stop after stop at the same time, but eventually he would have had to turn left while she was supposed to continue straight. Jay signaled her to pull over and she surprised herself by doing it. He told her she was a beautiful woman before asking if the car had air conditioning. She told him that it did. He then asked her to dinner. She once again surprised herself by agreeing to go.

Unfortunately she gave him her office phone number that she didn’t check very often, so the first two times he called she didn’t pick up and didn’t get the messages. On the third try, he finally got through to her and she agreed to dinner the next night.

Their first date was June 10th. They went to dinner and dancing in his Mercedes and found out they had a lot in common. They had both been divorced for 7 years, each had 3 dogs and a cat, and they lived only 10 minutes apart. After dancing, they drank wine and talked until 2:00 am at her house. They had another date the following night. That August he took her on a trip to Hawaii where he proposed. They were married in January. She describes her relationship as a match made in heaven.

Unfortunately, Jay passed away 2 years ago, and Marcia is keeping the Porsche as a tribute to the love she and Jay shared for 22 years. Marcia is the original owner of her diamond blue Porsche, which only has 80,000 original miles. If she hadn’t been driving that car, she doesn’t think that Jay would have had her pull over and ask her to dinner.

Nominated by Ariana in Sales & Service