1956 Ariel MK.2 Square Four Mark from Nebraska

Mark and Laurie took a honeymoon trip to his native land of Australia in 1990. While in the land down under, Mark got the idea that he wanted to fix up an Ariel Square Four motorcycle similar to what his father once owned.

They were able to purchase a 1956 Ariel Square Four British motorcycle at an estate auction in 2014, but it was in rough shape. Mark said they first thought it was a 1952 model, but after doing some research, it turned out to be a 1956. It was a Mark II and one of 3,828 ever produced.

After purchasing the motorcycle, Laurie decided to take the motorcycle to some restoration experts and applied online to have the cast of the History Channel’s American Restoration try to restore it. “It was a long process in getting the application done, but it was worth it,” she said.

After being approved to be on the show, they then traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to film on location at Rick’s Restoration. The crew reworked the engine, put in new gaskets, obtained a new front end from England and even remade the gas tank. What started with a three month estimate actually took six months, but the results were amazing.

Aaron Rieve