1949 Diamond T Mary from Iowa

Mary and Bill's 1949 Diamond T 201 has found a family for life. This story begins on March 21st, 1949 when Mary’s father bought a new farm truck for $1,850 plus $37 tax from his brother’s dealership for the family farm in Iowa. This truck was not only the family farm truck but was a staple in the community. Her father would take it to deliver goods, sometimes pull neighbors out of the ditch and even made grocery runs to neighboring towns when no other vehicle could traverse the massive snowdrifts, any way you slice it this truck was important to not just the family but to the entire community. This truck has been a part of Mary’s entire life and a good part of Bill’s too. Bill still remembers the day when Mary’s father was parked in front of the school in Maurice Iowa to pick Mary up. Bill thought to himself “What a Truck!” and recalls thinking how much nicer and bigger the 49’ Diamond 201 was than his own families Studebaker pickup. Bill obviously noticed Mary that day as well since a short few years later they were dating and eventually married in 1962. Sadly Mary’s father unexpectedly died in 1967 and unfortunately Mary’s family had no choice but to sell the farm and almost all of its contents at auction, all but one. They kept the 1949 Diamond because of what it meant to Mary, it was the “family’s truck”, it saved the community on countless occasions, she even learned how to drive in this truck! Mary and her husband stored the vehicle for many years while they attended college and a busy work life. Eventually, around 1989, they decided to make that once glorious truck shine again and began the daunting restoration process. They kept the vehicle as original as possible by fixing what they could and by replacing parts they found in the Diamond T register called “The Salmagundi.” Surprisingly after a run through from a local John Deere mechanic the truck fired up and ran like it had a brand new engine! After many years of hard work, new paint and upholstery, and maybe even a little blood, sweat and tears the truck was finished! Since then Mary has gone on to win several “Best of Class” and “Best of Show” trophies. This special truck now sits in a climate controlled garage and awaits its next opportunity to be proudly shown off by its very loving owners. This is all made possible from this couples love for classics and emotional lifelong connection to a truck that is more than “just an old truck.”

Cam Corteggiano