1963 Chevrolet Nova Convertible Mary from Minnesota

Mary is a 70-year-old self-proclaimed “gear head” who recently dismantled her 1949 Chevy Truck, bolt by bolt, by herself. "Not that easy for a little gal like me!" she quipped happily. Mary is also the original owner of a 1963 Nova convertible which she bought at age 20 for $2,589. In that era, a woman purchasing a car on her own-especially at the green age of 20-just wasn't done.

Her husband was drafted on their one-year anniversary. Mary decided she would follow him to basic training, which was a rebellious decision. She slept in the Nova for a month until she had an apartment. One hot summer morning she noticed a huge storm approaching. She knew it would hit the car, so she grabbed the double mattress from her bed and dragged it out to the car to protect it.  After the storm, she found that she only had one ding on the car, while the neighbor’s convertible was completely demolished. Her only regret is that the double mattress was not a queen because if it had been, the car wouldn't have had so much as a scratch. She slept happily on a wet mattress for a few weeks after that, always listening for approaching thunder.

Submitted by Nate, Auto Sales & Service

I have been an agent for three years at Hagerty. These amazing tales of passion and metal are my favorite aspect of the work. My first car was a 74 AMC Gremlin and you do NOT want to hear those stories! When I’m not at Hagerty, I like to play UNO with family, build things for fun and get caught in the rain.