1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Matt from California

Matt purchased this storied 1966 Chevy Corvette Convertible from its original owner, Ms. Kathy Lee. Ms. Lee raced the Corvette extensively for the Clippinger Corvette/Corvair Racing Club during the late '60s through 1977. Adding to the uniqueness of the Corvette is its third set of taillights - a mark of the legendary Clippinger Chevrolet dealership of SoCal where it rolled off the lot. Ms. Lee began taking racing lessons after the purchase, and took up her weekend racing hobby with her husband, Bob. Racing became a huge part of her life - she's listed in the Registry of Corvette Race Cars as an active member while Bob was President and Social Chair. Bob also raced the car, but Kathy was the more aggressive and competitive driver, becoming one of the highest-ranked female point scorers in the Southern California Council of Sports Car Club's history. Through 1977, Kathy was a top 5 Corvette SCC Female Lifetime Point Earner. This Corvette is one of 24 known original 1966 California-Only K19 Smog Cars with an original system. Matt has Ms. Lee's original racing helmet and jersey and intends to preserve this memorabilia, along with trophies and photos of Kathy with her collector in order to document and share its history. Matt intends to keep the car as original as possible to honor its decorated and spirited history.

Nominated by Rudy in Outbound Sales

My name is Rudy Bishop and I have worked here at Hagerty for over 11 years. I love the hobby and the passion people have for these great rides. We have a 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne that gets the smiles when we take it out for cruises.