1967 Plymouth Barracuda Michael from Florida

This 1967 Plymouth has been a project vehicle as long as Michael owned it. After the car sat for 15-years in the barn in Oregon, Michael refreshed the top end of the 273ci Chrysler V-8 with a new Edelbrock carburetor and had the car back in running/driving condition. The 1967 Plymouth Barracuda is very similar to his first car, but the excitement began when he decided to drive the Barracuda from Oregon to their new home in Florida with his 15-year old daughter as co-pilot.

The trip started well and they were making good progress until outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, the car suddenly stalled out and would not restart. Luckily Michael was able to get towed to the nearest O’Reilly store that had the distributor he needed to repair the car.

The next leg of the trip through rural Nebraska was going well until the car would begin running rough and stall out, only 2-300 miles after replacing the distributor. Their aftermarket distributor’s points had been wearing away as they drove. After another parts store stop to stock up with 4-more sets of distributor points, they were once again making progress. After a few more points-changes where Michael’s daughter learned to change them herself, their trip was trouble-free until they hit the Georgia state line. The gremlins had found them once more, with a wisp of steam escaping from the hood. Michael fixed the car up with a JB-Weld concoction, topped off the cooling system with some stop-leak product and coolant, and they were back on their way. He and his daughter arrived home in Florida the next day.

Tim Wahl