1971 MG MGB MK III Michael from Florida

Mike has always been around cars since his dad actually had a drag race car growing up! Sure, he pumped up the tires and washed the windshield but he never really learned much about the mechanical end of it. He has always been a “car guy” thinking that that’s where it would end. He never thought he had the expertise nor finances to restore a classic car.

One day he spotted a little black car under some rags, boxes, and whole lot of dust. He asked if it was for sale and to his amazement the owner said yes! (He calls it his warehouse-find instead of a barn-find). Somehow he was able to drive the little 1971 MGB Roadster home. Shortly thereafter the clutch went out. He restored the interior while saving money to have the clutch fixed. Once the MG was up and running again, the ignition switch failed and smoke from burning wires filled the cabin of the car. He and his daughter were terrified! The fire claim was covered by Hagerty and the re-wiring was soon completed. After more restoration – you name it, it was probably replaced – and a brilliant paint job, he decided to enter it into an all-British car show. To his amazement, he actually brought home a trophy!

Mike’s middle daughter loves classic cars which inspires him to continue the hobby and share it with her.