1991 Ford Mustang SSP Michael from Georgia

Michael is the 4th owner of this 1991 Ford Mustang and has owned it for 8 years. The car has a really cool backstory. It was ordered by the GSP (Georgia State Patrol) and was supposed to be used for police work. It never made it to the workshop that equips all the police equipment, but it did have all the factory goodies that police ordered cars come with. The car is a Ford Mustang SSP which stands for Special Service Pack. It has a full “posi” rear end, an upgraded automatic transmission, upgraded engine, upgraded suspension, plus a full-size spare as opposed to the little donut it would have come with. Other features that are unique to a police car include a separate key for the ignition and door locks so they can leave the car running and lock the doors behind them. It has manual windows and manual door locks. The trunk release switch was moved from the glove box to under the driver side dash for quick access. It has “Buck” tags showing that it was ordered for police usage.

The production numbers for these cars are slim at best. Michael’s is especially cool because it was ordered and never used. It is in great condition and Michael even has some paperwork to follow the trail but he is constantly looking for other means to locate the history behind the car.

Michael wasn’t allowed to have a Mustang as a kid and so the rebellious side of him was determined to own a Mustang one day. He has gone through six other Mustangs before settling on this one. It was found on the site of a house he was building. After walking past the garage multiple times the door was finally open and he saw the “guns” sticking out under the car, referring to the exhaust pipes hanging down under the bumper. He was able to purchase the car and has since had multiple offers on the car, which he has never accepted one.

He intends to continue his research of the car and hopes one day to find all the missing pieces for how many of his car were actually produced and maybe how many are still around.

Ryan Frazier