1961 Chevrolet Corvette Mike from California

Mike’s fathers bought this 1961 Corvette back in 1966, then he went overseas to serve in Vietnam. He returned from service in 1968 and drove the vehicle for one year before garaging it permanently. His father considered this Corvette his most prized possession and always wanted to fix it up and drive it again. Mike started restoring the vehicle when his father was diagnosed with cancer. They originally gave his father 3 more years to live. After Mike returned to work they called him and advised his father had taken a turn for the worse and Mike brought his father home, where he passed three days later.

Mike decided he did not want to lay his father to rest until he could give him one last ride in the Corvette. He is finally coming to the end of a long restoration and the vehicle is almost road ready. He plans on taking his father on his last ride once it is fully drivable. Mike loves the Corvette and could never part with it with how important it was to his father.

Nate Chamberlain