1934 Ford Model 40 Mike from Texas

From Melissa in our Hagerty Service Center:

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike today about his 1934 Ford Model 40 street rod. This is a new purchase for him, and he is going to be taking it on a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the country to visit cars shows and auto museums/manufacturers. He will also drive along Route 66 on his way home to Texas. He was so thrilled that we were able and willing to cover him for this tour. He truly is a car guy and the embodiment of our model client.

I asked him why he decided to buy this car. He told me he had planned on buying a Corvette but he liked the all-steel body of this vehicle, and all of its modern conveniences, too. It’s quite a looker! Mike was in the Army in Vietnam for 5 years and went through a bad marriage at the same time. He never thought he would get married again, but on a fluke he was bartending a birthday party and his soon-to-be second wife walked in the door of the party for her roommate. For Mike it was love at first sight. He intentionally messed up her drink order so he could talk to her again, and years later she told him when she went to the restroom she knew she would marry this man. They were married for 35 years until she passed away. He always put her first in their relationship; she always had the new cars, and he made sure to set her up with the appropriate life insurance and retirement accounts in case he passed away first (in fact he always felt she would outlive him). Unfortunately that was not the case, and he has felt a huge hole since she has passed. He expressed to me in our conversation that he feels survivor’s guilt, not only from her passing, but also from his time in Vietnam. This car is his chance to “take it easy” and enjoy this time in his life.

When I told him the competition for COTW is pretty stiff his response was “If it is meant to be, it’ll be. If not, God bless the other person who wins.”

Nominated by Melissa in the Hagerty Service Center