1972 Chevrolet Camaro Mike from Mississippi

My sister bought this car from a local dealer (used) around ‘76/’77. Originally it was a basic dark green RS 350 with a light green vinyl top. Rally wheels, no spoilers, just basic. In ‘81 I was in my second year of college (car-less) when my sister asked me if I wanted the Camaro. Of course I wanted it! FREEDOM! She had just married & had a new car so she didn't need it. I rode the school bus until I graduated high school & bummed rides to college. We didn't have much growing up but it didn't matter, I just thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Anyway, I caught a ride to her house about 70 miles away & drove it back to college. Talk about ragged out! Wheel bearings roaring, seat covers full of holes, dents, bald tires, & I could care less! I had a car.....I was happy!

Fast forward a couple years & I now have a job. In ‘83 I bought new wheels, tires, had the seats recovered & had the car painted (see attached pictures). I removed the vinyl top & added a rear spoiler. This car became my daily driver. My wife & I drove a Honda Accord & the Camaro for daily vehicles. I would drive the Honda to the gulf coast for work (offshore) & she would drive the Camaro, baby & all. She’d throw the car seat in the back & away they’d go. The interior got pretty beat up over the years due to regular wear & tear that comes with having kids. We just kept saying, “We'll fix it up one day.” The Camaro was taken out of daily driver service in ‘91 when we purchased our first new daily driver vehicle, a Chevy Pickup; I still drive that Chevy Pickup regularly. Some things I have a hard time parting with.

The Camaro set idle for several years until I decided it was time to fix it up. This began around ’07 & it was finally finished in ‘13. As we discussed, I learned a lot from this project & how getting the right people involved will save lots of grief & money.

I find it funny when I show people the pictures of the finished Camaro & tell them this was my first car they always think I mean a car LIKE my first car. No, no this IS my first car. I’m glad I held on to it.

Submitted by Trissa, Underwriting