1968 Chevrolet Impala SS Nancy from Colorado

Nancy had a white ’68 Impala SS with baby blue interior when her kids (5 boys!) were growing up. The interior was so nice she wouldn’t even let them wear their shoes in the car. Over the years they would take it to South Dakota once a month, and would also go camping up in the mountains. She had a big piece of plywood cut to fit over the backseat and four of the boys would stretch out with their blankets and take naps, the youngest sleeping in the back window. All of their gear stored nicely underneath the plywood.

Later on the boys decided to band together and surprise their mom, and they found a car in Iowa that was perfect. They all spent time fixing it up and surprised her with her new toy, which she’s already entered into a car show.

The boys are still wondering if they have to take off their shoes before they get in.

Melissa Basler