1981 Harley Davidson FLH Nick C. from California

Nick C. is friends with the one and only Sylvester “Sly” Stallone. This 1981 Harley Davidson FLH is the one that was used in Rocky III and Rocky V. It is the only motorcycle that has been ridden up the famous stairs of the museum. This was also the motorcycle that Stallone famously gave Barbara Walters a ride in on a TV Special.

There is so much cool history in this Harley especially given the fact that it was a part of one of the most Iconic movie series of all time and the series that Launched Stallone’s career out of this world.

Nick and Stallone work together and have been friends for four years. Nick is going to get the Harley appraised so that it can be fully covered to reflect its amazing history and its journey on the big screen. He is honored to have this bike and will cherish it as he moves forward.

Nick Balsara