1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass Oliver from Michigan

Oliver comes from a family of five brothers, and the Oldsmobile Cutlass has been in their family since his older Brother John purchased it in the 70’s. John lived in San Diego, and he would tell his brothers about driving along the ocean coast with the sun shining and the top down. When John passed away, Oliver was adamant about taking over the car. Though he has owned it since 1998, he still considers it his brother’s car to this day. Someday he plans to take it to California so he can drive it along the coast the way John used to. Oliver expects to pass it on to his younger brother when he passes away.

Oliver does not take the car out when it is raining. He was at a show once and it felt like rain, so he started packing up to head home. His friend asked where he was going since they hadn’t passed out trophies yet. His friend said the weather channel said it wouldn’t rain, but Oliver left anyway, choosing to trust his intuition. Sure enough, when Oliver pulled into the garage the skies opened up and it started raining.

Oliver later was driving down the street and saw his friend carrying a trophy. Oliver waved, and his friend flagged him down. His friend explained that the trophy belonged to Oliver, and the judge had loved the Oldsmobile Cutlass because the condition was fantastic and he hadn’t seen a soft-top convertible like that in a long time.

The car doesn’t get driven much, which has a lot to do with how harsh Michigan weather can be to a car. Oliver is happy to protect the Cutlass because it is a family heirloom. It has been a treasure to him and his brothers for over forty years.

Esther Kollhoff