1955 Buick Riviera Special Paul from Conneticut

Paul acquired his first classic, a gorgeous 1955 Buick Riviera Special, after his grandfather passed on in 2003. His grandfather purchased this Special in 1955 for $2900 with only 3 miles on it. This entry-level Special was all-new for 1954, with a wider and lower stance, a less pronounced rear fender hump, blunt tailfins, new steering linkage, and better power steering. Many fond memories were made cruising around town with his grandfather throughout the years. Once in his possession, he took it in for a small restoration project adding a new paint job and headers, the interior, being original, he had to have one seat reupholstered and the carpet replaced back to factory original since it smelled like his grandfather’s cigars. Paul loves to take his cruiser out on clear sunny days when there is not a cloud in sight, he turns on the oldies music, rolls the windows down and cruises at 35-40mph to keep cool during the hot summer days.

Paul is a member of the Tri-State Cruisers Club in Putnam Connecticut and helps raise money for kids with diseases and the camps they attend during the summer months. They have raised $255,000 over the past 25 years! Half of those proceeds go to support "The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp" and the other half goes medical bills for these kids. The camp was founded in 1988 to give every child- no matter their illness- a chance to kick back, relax and “raise a little hell”. The camp is in Ashford Connecticut and has 9 programs which serve more than 20,000 kids and family members throughout the Northeast each year. Paul has always been passionate about cars and was excited to become a member of the Tri-State Cruisers after he bought his grandfather’s car. He is especially passionate about old cars and going to shows. His Riviera Special is indeed special, as it gives him a way to have a positive impact in the community by giving back to kids in need.

Britni Hoyt